Kevin Hickman ... Germany
Hi Diane,

Laurent (Chambard) suggested I send you a piccy of myself on (actually next to) the bike for your website. I'm the english one legged guy riding Land's End to John O'Groats this July. I have a fundraising page at, and here's some info I rattled off for the local paper…

I live in Witney and work for Siemens Magnet Technology in Eynsham. I have been a right leg amputee for 25 years now and started cycling about 10 years ago. Once you get over the practical problems cycling really is the easiest way to get around - easier than walking! I hope to make other amputees aware of their potential by demonstrating just what's possible. I've managed to get fit again after a long layoff over Christmas following operations for a torn shoulder tendon and testicular cancer - must've gone a little too far trying to emulate Lance Armstrong! I'm really pleased to be riding again and using this event as a target to aim for has certainly helped. I shall be doing the event with about a dozen other amputees. I'm looking forward to meeting them and riding with a group of a similar ability. Between us we've pledged to raise £50,000 for the Limbless Association and the Douglas Bader Foundation. The money will be used for schemes such as the Bader CHAMPS (CHildren AMPuteeS) introducing disabled youngsters to sports and the benefits of physical fitness when facing the difficulties in life they will inevitably meet. My personal target is £3,000 - and I'm finding that's a lot to extract from wallets without the police getting involved! We leave Lands End on 3rd July and hope to arrive in John O'Groats on 23rd July after riding 1,044 miles for a good cause. The daily mileage varies between 45 and 70 miles. The bike I'm using is a "Thorn Audax" road bike, designed for long distance cycling by St John Street Cycles in Bridgwater.

Who knows, perhaps some North American Randonees would be good way to spend next summer. I did do some cycling in San Francisco  a couple of years ago over a weekend while on business. Which reminds me, I wrote to a guy in the Cleveland Touring Club a few years ago who was kind enough to send me a map of the area. I was fully expecting to make a trip to a customer there, but they were bought by another company and the new business came to an end. Must remember to get in touch with him…

Oh, I had a look at your website and I can only assume your updating it at the moment - all I could see was "MindSpring Web Services". I run a website for my local club too,

Anyway, thanks for the interest.
All the best,