RAAM 2005 - Cat Berge

Cat was solo woman for RAAM 2005 - Completing RAAM in 11 days 11 hours 20 minutes

Finish Line Celebration
Atlantic City Boardwalk Finish - Richie "Ski" with arms wide open. Atlantic City Boardwalk - waiting for Cat to finish
Cat arrives!
More speaking ...
PJ and Richie Ski
Cat thanking her crew ....
Cat arriving on podium
Lee Mitchel taking photos of Cat
Cat's TitanFlex ... bike she arrived on
Cat ... more speaking
Lon Haldeman and Cat
Cat and all her awards
Cat and crew
Cat receiving award
Cat receiving Swedish flag from Lon Haldeman (www.pactour.com)
Crew of Cat
Cat's official time banner
Diane Goodwin and Alessandro Colo waiting to talk to Cat
Cat and crew members
Danny Chew, Ski and Alessandro (holds world record in spinning)
Cat with official finisher RAAM plaque
Fuzzy (Lee Mitchel, crew chief), PJ, Cat's sister, Lissa and Cat
Lee Mitchel opening champagne
Liz, RAAM webmaster, from Western Wheelmen Bike Club, NJ.
Podium with crew members celebrating with champagne
Mrs. Berge and one of Cat's sisters (both crewed) part of race.
Mr. Berge listening to speakers awarding Cat Cat with mom and dad after awards
Mr. Berge (dad), Ski and Mrs. Berge (mom) Friend of Alessandro and Alessandro waiting for Cat RAAM Rookie Award