Randonneuring Clubs - USA
The UltraMarathon Cycling Association website has several hundred articles on equipment, nutrition, and training for endurance riders. Whether the challenge is riding a century, a double century, a brevet, or long-distance tour, we can help. We also provide an international calendar of rides. The UMCA, Inc. is open to anyone interested in long distance cycling.
Club centuries are the meat of many endurance riders' seasons and a great way to stay in shape for brevets. The UMCA is introducing a new program: the Larry Schwartz Year-Rounder Century Challenge - to encourage riders to ride (at least) a century every month.
DC RANDONNEURS, closest randonneuring group offerring full brevet series, to the south of NJR - offers century rides every weekend of the year.
Bicycle Clubs - New York
FIVE BOROUGH BICYCLE CLUB , over 1000 members, offers free day rides within New York City and environs every weekend year-round. They go to the beach and the mountains and most places in between. They offer affordable weekend trips to Cape Cod, the Berkshires, Pennsylvania Dutch country, and elsewhere. For beginners or newcomers to the City, this is a good club to join.
NEW YORK CYCLE CLUB, is an educational and recreational organization for bicycle enthusiasts in New York City. Our greatest strength is our 1400 members and a commitment to having as much fun as possible on a bicycle. We organize weekly rides, weekend trips, training programs and special events for novice and experienced cyclists. Join us to have fun, ride safe, get strong, and make friends—all while exploring some of the most beautiful routes in the tri-state area. Whatever aspect of the sport intrigues you, NYCC offers programs and people to get you in gear.
Bicycle Clubs - New Jersey

CENTRAL JERSEY BIKE CLUB - offers "The Longest Day" and "Hillier Than Thou"