The RBA ... Diane Goodwin

I am happy to be your RBA of the New Jersey and Metro New York regions. As an RBA, Regional Brevet Administrator, I am responsible to uphold all the rules of organizing a brevet as stated by Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and Audax Club Parisien (ACP). I am also responsible to send the results of each event to RUSA in a timely manner who then, forwards the information to ACP.

In 2001 I created the New Jersey Randonneurs and it's brevet series. In 2002, with the help of Sandiway Fong and Chris Pile two routes were officially offered ... a 200K and 300K out of Princeton. The elevation was 6800 on the 200K which is now close to 8500 - but extremely scenic. Just over 60 riders completed that first event. At the time, riders had only Boston, Westfield (MA), DC and Ohio to choose from for brevet qualification. Each year we make improvements.

For 2006, we hope to add some different types of randonneuring events like a fleche and some permanents. Expect more organized training rides as well.

2005 was an interesting year ... there were the usual suspects and lots of new riders. Riders qualified and participated in London-Edinburough-London, Gold Rush Randonnee, Boston-Montreal-Boston and various other non-randonneuring events. These rides are long distance - non-competitve events - not races. The last rider gets the same credit and acceptance as the first finisher. It's all about the ride. In fact, I think some of the faster riders wished they enjoyed the ride at the slower paces - everyone has good memories. That's what it's all about!

I try to answer all emails myself but please be patient if you haven't heard from me right away. Feel free to re-email or contact me at or call 201-227-1312. I try to contact each new rider before his/her first brevet.

We have a message board with experienced brevet riders posting. Ask them questions! Email addresses of volunteers are also posted at the events information pages ... feel free to ask them specific questions.

Thank you for your interest.