February 13, 2005
Sponsoring Club:
Bicycle Touring Club of Northern Jeresy

Nate Morgenstern and sometimes Peter Romano

Ride Description:
A    Spittin' In The Wind
50 miles. Rolling to Moderately Hilly. Do I really have to repeat last year's description of this ride? You know the drill. Practice shedding various bodily fluids while in the saddle. Demerits if they land on any other riders. Deli stop for novices to clean themselves up and be presentable for Valentine's Day. Temp at 8:00 must be at least 20F and if there's enough snow to x-country ski nearby, I'll opt to do that instead, and if there's too much snow for that I'll head out on the snowshoes, and if it's less than 20° without snow I'll choose to hike, so call if unsure or you want to join me for one of those activities. Meet: #30 at 9:30 AM. Leader: Nate Morgenstern, nmorgenstern@hotmail.com

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Dave (on right to Nate), "what do you mean I get penalized for wearing too much clothing?"
Joe (in red) says, "Did you hear the one about ...."
Nate's so sick he can't even hand out route sheets.
THE END ..... of a GREAT Ride! Back to Front (or Left to Right) - Joe Stunn, Diane Goodwin, Peter Romano, Ellen White, Nate Morgenstern, Dave Styker, Tim Martyn, Marc Forman, Art White, Mary Goldschmidt and Alex Wallace ... missing from photo: Robert Singer
Dave, "Dear G_d, make the return route not as hilly as that last section."
Ellen, MTB Champion, and husband, Art replenishing some tastey calories.
Joe, "Are we having fun yet?"
Marc giving Dave some sagely cycling skill advice.
Tim, "Rehydrating is a good thing."
The Art of Telepathy between Mary and Alex.
Robert, can't get enough clothes off!
Pete, are you STILL drinking that same coffee from Dec 16 ride?
Paris-Brest-Paris 2003