December 11, 2004
Sponsoring Club:
Bicycle Touring Club of Northern Jeresy

Robert Singer

Ride Description:
B*    December Reservations
40 - 55 miles. Rolling to Moderately Hilly. Route will be heading through the Eagle Rock Reservation in W. Orange, then on over to South Mountain Reservation in S. Orange, and possibly out to the Great Swamp if temperature permits. If below 25 degrees RSVP. Deli stop planned. Please don't call before: 6:00 AM or after 10:00 PM. Meet: #9 at 9:30 AM. Leader: Robert Singer,

Ride Summary:
Diane Goodwin
Nate Morgenstern

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*** - Pal's Cabin. It's been around forever. Frank Sinatra sang there in the 1930s when he was first starting out. It's known far and wide for its (a) hamburgers and (b) cream of mushroom soup – Judson Hand

"HOT!" (Robert Singer, our leader)
Nate, I hope this coffee works!
At the Start
Nate mounts up Richie says "Is this Jersey?"
Robert, Pete, Tim and Ken smile for the camera
Craig and Chet Robert, Pete, Tim, Peter, Ken and Jud
Nancy Morgenstern on 911 Memorial at Eagle Rock Reservation
Guys at the memorial
Craig trying to remember how to clip in using one foot Manhattan in the mist from Eagle Rock Reservation
Group deciding upon who was going to push Diane up the next hill. *** Mousey Richie and Jud
Bottoms up, Pete! Ken, must be talking politics again Tim, is that 86 or 100 proof in the bottle?
Honestly Peter, we're just a local touring club riding at a moderate pace.
Is that a leftover from the Ramapo Rally, Chet? Craig, you'll need those calories!
Diane, look who found the cookies and crackers
Paris-Brest-Paris 2003