New Year's Day 2005 DC 170K
(photos by Rudy Hewitt - more to follow)

DC Randonneurs


The start
Behind every good women there is a good man and another woman.

Gordon Meuse (DC RBA) and Crista Boras

Our fearless leader, Lynn.
There comes a day in every parents life where they would like to see their children leave home and prosper, January 1, 2005 was such a day.

The DC Randonneurs officially started their life as an independent club with their first populaire.

We are thankful for the many years of support of the PPTC in assisting us with the growth of randonneuring and the opportunity given to many Mid-Atlantic riders to participate in the fable Paris-Brest-Paris Randonne.

Yesterday Populaire of 170Km or 105 Km started at Haines Point in Washington, DC and headed NW to Whites Ferry for the shorter version and to Point of Rocks for the longer version.

There were __? 15 riders????? starting in the "dawns early light" in extremely unseaonable weather of 68+ degrees.

It was an awesome start for DC Randonneurs.

Rudy Hewitt
January 2, 2005

ReCap By Diane

I've been telling Crista Borras I'd come down to ride with her and DC Randonneurs for a few years now. Finding the time and energy to travel has been an issue. As Mark Hnatov and I drove down, I kept thinking of Tom Reeder (Virginia) who rides some of our events but drives up in the morning - now it was my turn.

The final thought of riding Gordon's Populaire came on Wednesday. Booking the room made everything final. It was scarey ... not knowing the terrain, committing to a 106 mile ride in who knows what temp and having not ridden for two weeks.

The temperature ended up near 70F, the terrain was close to 5000 ft and I guess between my daily commute and a few weekend rides left me with enough fitness.

When you go to an event for the first time, you wonder if there will be enough people to find a ride partner. It's good to contact the organizer and talk about your ride style ... Rudy Hewitt, thanks!!!, chose to ride a slower pace to help me out. It was an honor to ride with Rudy, Rudy Jr and Judy (dolls). Rudy was the conversationalist for most of the ride - good thing because I was concentrating on riding.

We started at Potomac Park at 7 a.m. - it was just getting light. Lynn and Gordon are the RBAs and they checked lighting, handed out cards and cue sheets. Mark and I arrived close to the start and Crista, Chuck, Rudy and others waited for us. There were two tandems.

We rode along a bike trail and then there were some rollers added. Interestingly, the ride seemed like a mixture of Texas Hell Week, NJ brevets and Florida terrain. There was nothing treacherous about this route. I heard the ride on Friday was over 6800 ft. elevation.

Tom Reeder and Doug Young (riders) have completed our NJ Frenchtown Populaire - so it was good to ride with them. Rudy and I left them as it appeared they were enjoying their own company.

At the first controle - a deli - we were greeted with cheery faces and "Happy New Year." The sandwich (tuna), potatoe chips and tomatoe juice were delicious - as I was ready for that - having only one GU packet and small bit of oatmeal in the morning w/ REAL maple syrup which I had packed.

Rudy mentioned the worse climb was after this deli. I was surprised to find we had ridden up it when I asked where it was. From the deli until the end, Glenn rode with us. Fred kept appearing as well.

At the next controle, Subway Sandwich shop, Rudy ordered a sandwich and ate half. I followed his lead. Unfortunately, I suffered the rest of the way with a sore stomach. I kept drinking my Pepsi - yes, the Pepsi bottle sat in my cage because I left the Sustained Energy and water bottle in the car at the start! (That's what happens when you're running late).

I liked the bike trail for the end ... it was relaxing and eventful ... the temperature was warm as we kept seeing cyclists and pedestrians in shorts and short-sleeves. I was still bundled in my Exte Ondo winter jacket along with leg warmers. Soon, I too, shed my jacket.

Mark had a good ride - between Crista and Chuck and Keith Krombel. He waited patiently as he finished just before 3.

I can't comment on the cue sheet as Rudy was my cue sheet. Everyone showed at the end ... and I heard no complaints. Crista is a guru of cue sheet writing. I was so amazed to receive a map - something NJ Randonneurs needs to do.

This ride was a great incentive for 2005. Everyone was friendly. I encourage anyone who hasn't ridden with DC Randonneurs to start! It's worth the travel time!

DC Randonneurs just established themselves separate from Potomac Peddlers Bicycle Club. They are going to be a stronger influence in randonneuring ... they are planning many events and have plenty of supportive members.

P.S. Mark and others didn't sign up as a DC member - only DC Randonneur club members have their names listed on the website.

Rudy Hewitt and Glenn Martin at the start
Glenn Martin, Diane Goodwin and Fred at the first controle.